Top-to-bottom solution for all participants of the food supply chain


Supply chain companies

  • Request serials to add tracked items
  • Add/modify/read quality related and logistics data
  • Define data access rights
  • Buy/sell value added services from/to other supply chain participants
  • Rate business partners
  • Use farm management tools
  • Buy/sell goods on the Marketplace
  • Analyse reports


  • Check the history of food products
  • Verify food product data
  • Pay for food quality analysis services


  • Set up supply chain checkpoints
  • Control food supply and food quality
  • Analyse supply chain reports
  • Analyse livestock registry data

Basic traceability process

Physical identification materials

For the upstream supply chain

QR code based plastic security seals, and RFID tags from non-toxic material, with sunshine and water resistant printing.

Security seals are used to identify livestock, transports, item lots and packages.

Tools to manage identification material inventory and smart re-ordering to minimize the costs of companies.

For the downstream supply chain

QR code based stickers and paper bags to identify food products in retail.

QR codes on stickers are combined with easily recognizable color codes (colorgram) for visual validity check.

TE-FOOD can be integrated to smart scales to print QR codes right on the weight label.

You want to use your own identification materials? No problem!

TE-FOOD works with companies with their own / third-party identification materials. All you need is to connect to our API to request a TE-FOOD serial ID, which can be assigned to the ID in your system.

B2B mobile app

TE-FOOD doesn't require custom hardware usage. All supply chain companies use the same mobile app, which provides custom processes and functions for each food type (pig, chicken, egg, etc.) and supply chain role (farm, slaughterhouse, etc.). The B2B mobile app runs on low-end phones and contains all functions supply chain companies need.

Role and food type based processes

In TE-FOOD each role (farm, slaughterhouse, etc.) has its own processes, menus, functions.

Wide scale of data

Logistics transactions (sending and receiving transports), food safety information (weight, feeding, vaccination, antibiotics usage, veterinary checks, etc.)

Offline-digital connection

The mobile app uses the phone's camera to read 1D/2D barcodes to identify items (livestock, transport, food product) as part of processes.

Optimized for emerging countries

TE-FOOD doesn't require any special hardware, all functions can be used by low-end mobile phones.

Multilingual support

Currently available in 3 languages, new languages can be added within days.

Identification material management

Built-in ordering and inventory optimizing of identification tools.

Role based processes

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Farms can order identification materials, activate them when applying to the tracked item, add food safety information to them, and send transports.

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Agents can accept and send transports when they buy/sell tracked items.

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They can verify transported item data, accept transports, create tracked items after the slaughtering process, send transports.

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Wholesalers can verify transported items, receive transports, create new tracked items after the cutting/repackaging process, send transports.

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Food producers

Food producers can verify transported items, receive transports, repackage and apply new identification materials to them, send transports.

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Markets and retailers

Retailers can verify transported items, receive transports, they may repackage and apply new identification materials to them.

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Veterinaries can check the fresh food more times. They verify the data the previous participant sent, and decide to allow or disallow the item to go to the next step.

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Authory representatives can check transports, identification materials, and their connected data at any time.

Consumer mobile app

Product origin verification and history insight with an easy to use, free public mobile app.

  • Read and verify QR code
  • Read product history
  • Learn more about the suppliers

The mobile app is available for Android and IOS.

Blockchain ledger

Blockchain provides unchangeable, trusted traceability information ledger, which eliminates the possibility to falsify supply chain data.

It provides the possibility of a worldwide scale ledger of food quality and logistics information for livestock and fresh food products.

Livestock Registry and Management System

As part of the food safety tools provided to authorities, our Livestock Registry and Management Solution enables national or local authorities to get regular status reports from farms.

From basic livestock inventory information to sales and export reports, the system provides wide range of information. To provide the necessary data, farms need to download an easy to use mobile app, or connect their systems to our API.

Easy implementation

No additional hardware is needed, complete training included.

Benefits for all

Custom advices to supply chain companies to improve their efficiency.

Complex reporting

Real time insights of the livestock status of a region / country.

Interested in our plans? Check out our development roadmap!

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