A set of synergistic tools to improve the food industry

Catalyzing the technology shift in the food industry

Recent advancements in technology enable food supply chains to evolve rapidly. We see several areas which will change during the next decade:

  • Collecting data with IoT (Internet of Things) tools will enable trustless data access, and increased insights.
  • Artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies will enable food companies and authorities to analyse supply chain activities in depth we have never seen before. Traceability Data Mining will help to find anomalies, inefficiencies, and event correlations to provide better overview.
  • Blockchain based data processing automations, and the immutable distributed ledger technology will complete the trustless supply chain idea, where no single company or people need to be trusted to ensure that the data is genuine and correct.
  • Detailed traceability activity will feed agricultural financing and certification bodies to provide in-depth information on the food companies.
  • Decentralized marketplaces will enable supply chain companies to manage contracting, monitoring, and clearing of their commercial activities in a semi-automatized way.

Short term goals

Food traceability

We are working on extending the current portfolio with tailor made solutions for new food categories, such as fish, and certain fruits / vegetables. Besides fresh food, we are working on extending TE-FOOD to handle processed food supply chains.

Asset tokenization

We believe that agricultural financing and blockchain based traceability will work in strong snergy. We are planning a solution which utilizes blockchain technology to enable the application for loans and investment utilizing blockchain.

Consumer apps

As a part of an R&D project, we are working on a machine learning backed mobile app, which helps consumers to know more insight about meats just by taking a photo of the meat.